11 Reasons to Consider a Job in Landscaping

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We’re just into 2022 and already you can feel the energy in the air. Spring is rapidly approaching, and employment opportunities abound. If you’re ready to start a new career, here are 11 reasons to consider a job in landscaping.

Read our list of benefits of working in landscaping and find what excites you.

1. Lots of Career Choices

Landscaping companies offer many career choices requiring various skills and talents. Positions include turf and plant technicians, field technicians, sales executives, architects, landscape designers, foremen, and more.

Do you see yourself working in any of these roles? If so, landscaping is for you.

2. Opportunity for Growth

If you join a company that offers training, rewards excellence, and values its workers, you will find the sky’s the limit in terms of opportunity—regardless of the level you start at.

When you show excellent work ethics and dedication in the field, you can move up to a supervisory position, and beyond!

If you have management, sales, or design experience, you will enter at the proper skill level to show off your talents and commitment.

A work crew gathers outside to discuss a new landscape job

3. Work Outside in the Fresh Air

Many jobs in landscaping allow you to spend your time outdoors. If you hate working in an office—and many of us do—this is a big deal.

Spend your workdays and your life doing something productive that you love. Get to breathe the fresh air and experience nature daily. You can’t do that sitting in an office!

4. Enjoy Year-Round Employment

Many landscaping companies offer year-round services. This means that your employment doesn’t have to be seasonal.

You may plant in the spring, maintain gardens in the summer, prepare properties for the long winter in the fall, and clear snow and ice in the winter.  Look for a company that offers services for all seasons.

5. Meet New Challenges Every Day

When you work in landscaping, you visit different locations and contribute to different projects. One day you may be at a new business park and the next day you’re improving a private property in town.

A landscape team meets to discuss important project details

6. Work With Others for a Common Goal

Whether you are part of a home landscaping crew, or designing a serene hospital garden, you get to work with others who share the same commitment and passion for doing the job right.

When you work as part of a team, not only do you look out for others—but others look out for you.

7. Earn an Impressive Income

Many of the positions in good landscaping companies offer generous pay and benefits. You may not be thinking of landscaping as a high-paying career, but it can be with the right amount of interest and dedication on your part.

Watch your salary and opportunities grow as you show your skills and commitment to the task and to the team.

8. Help the Environment

If protecting the environment is one of your genuine passions, a career in landscaping helps you make a difference.

Landscapers improve and maintain parks, plant new trees and shrubs, and improve rainwater runoff conditions. A career in landscaping means you play a direct role in making our towns and cities more beautiful and environmentally friendly.

9. Work With Exciting Technology

Landscaping uses many new technologies. Some of these tools include aerial photography, computer programs for landscape design and planting schedules, and digitally controlled devices to monitor soil moisture.

10. Put Your College Degree to Work

Scientists, financial experts, environmentalists, engineers and more all have an important role to play in landscaping. You won’t waste your college degree—your employer will value your knowledge.

Your skills and strengths will help improve our communities, whether you are designing a new town square or determining which plants work best with existing wildlife and weather.

11. Use Your Creativity

Look into landscaping if you want your career to tap into your creativity.

Breathtaking gardens and impressive hardscaping don’t just happen. It all starts with the valuable skills of landscape designers and architects. Then, proper execution depends on the thoughtful dedication of the entire project team.

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