A Year in Review: 2020 Landscape Renovations

2020 was quite a year for everyone. With the stress of a pandemic, people have turned to the safety of their home as an escape from all the chaos.

For us at Sponzilli Landscape Group, we have been grateful for the ability to continue to work. Now, we look back on this year with pride in the landscape renovations that have made stay-at-home orders a little easier for our clients.

With these projects and more, we were able to give our clients the incredible outdoor living areas they have always wanted. Throughout the adversity of 2020, turning homes into havens has been the best part of our year.

Transformative Residential Landscape Renovations

Landscape Upgrade in North Caldwell

Our client desired a functional and entertaining outdoor space. They requested a stone patio and outdoor kitchen surrounding their existing inground pool.


To begin construction, we removed the old concrete pool decking as well as a deck and bar walls. Several caliper trees were taken out of the yard to open the area for the new patio. The patio and matching walkway were then installed using brick pavers.


Our clients’ existing pool received updated supply lines, new plaster finish, and lighting. We also removed the old fencing to provide for a safety regulated pool rated fence.

Additionally, we updated the irrigation system to operate efficiently throughout the space. A new glacial boulder retaining wall was added behind the firepit to stop erosion and runoff.

Landscape Upgrade in North Caldwell

Our upgraded landscape design for this home included a grill station to cook, a bar countertop to entertain, and a gas firepit to relax by.

Landscape Renovation in North Caldwell

This complete landscape renovation began with rocks everywhere, and no plants or grass. Our clients and their landscape deserved a total upgrade for them to enjoy.

The project began by re-grading the yard behind the pool to create a level area with luscious grass and beautiful plants. Next, we installed glacial boulders to correct retention and erosion issues. We did this to ensure the lasting viability of the landscape.

complete landscape renovation

To meet the needs of this family we added a play area for the kids. The new grading of their beautiful lawn has allowed the family to enjoy fun outdoor games on a level playing field.

Perimeter and understory plants were installed to provide year-round color and privacy.

A 30-year-old, 20-foot crepe myrtle tree was planted near the perimeter of the house.  16 feet fastigiated beech trees were also added to complement the home’s size and aesthetic feel.

Award-Winning Landscape Designs

Our year also came with three distinguished awards from the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association. The NJLCA represents the entire Green Industry in New Jersey. Each year, they present awards to individuals and companies that have made a significant impact in our field.

Award-Winning Landscape Designs

Sponzilli Landscape Group was honored with the following awards:

Award of Excellence for Landscape Installation without Pool: Over $100,000

Built in 2004, this single-family home had only a synthetic deck in the backyard. Our clients wanted to extend their living space by increasing their existing deck.

Landscape Installation

However, this project came with a challenge: the client’s property is in a wetland. This means our construction had to stay within the line of the home’s enclosure.

To solve this, we built our design along the line of disturbance (where construction ends). We added an extra staircase to the deck and a stepper walkway to connect both spaces.

Due to construction restrictions, a pool was removed from the original design. Instead, we were able to provide a luxurious spa/hot tub in the patio area.

We also created an outdoor kitchen, as well as a firepit, bar, and updated landscaping.

Award of Merit for Landscape Installation without Pool: Over $100,000

To upgrade their backyard, our client wanted a large space meant for entertaining. Our design included a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and a dining and living area with a grand canopy.


Since there was plenty of space, we decided to divide the landscape up for functionality. We created a series of three patios next to each other. The continuous curves of the cut stone tie the patios together.

However, each patio was complete with different materials and finishes for extra appeal.

We incorporated moss rock, gravel, and stacked stone into this project per our client’s requested for a natural look.

Award of Excellence for Landscape Installation with Pool: Over $500,000

While our clients’ stunning 3-acre home was still under construction, we collaborated with their architect and interior designer. Our client wanted to add features that would enhance the beauty of their home even as it was being built.

We designed a custom gunite pool with an infinity ledge, hot tub, and sun ledge. We decided to elevate the entire pool and hot tub to make it the true focal point of the backyard. This also made it visible from inside the home.

Landscape Installation with Pool

We built a fully functional outdoor kitchen and dining space as well as a massive pavilion covering the area. Behind the pool are steps leading to an upper lawn area with more seating and viewpoints.


The same natural stone used on the exterior of the house was incorporated into the firepit and pool wall. This helped to create a seamless transition from the home to the outdoors.

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