Five Qualities of a Great Landscape Contractor

Proper landscape design and construction is crucial. It helps to maintain the unique aesthetic qualities of your landscaping and the architectural integrity of your outdoor space, structures, and plants. A knowledgeable and experienced landscape designer will show you ways to protect the value of your property and keep it safe for family and visitors. Here are some qualities of a good landscape contractor.

1) Licensure

A licensed landscape contractor can help provide you peace of mind. Just like choosing any other contractor for your home, you want to be sure that you are choosing a landscape contractor who is appropriately vetted, insured, and educated.

Choosing a landscape contractor who bonded and insured protects you and your home. Check the advertising plan of the landscape contractors you are considering. Their license number should be shown on their website, advertisement, or business card.

2) Portfolio and References

Great landscape contractors should have portfolio examples of their work. They should have satisfied customers who are happy to provide testimonials. Looking at a company’s web-based portfolio will help you see if their style, quality, and attention to detail match your needs.

Taking the time to read over reviews from other clients will provide insight into how they operate and treat their customers. These two things will give you a good idea of what it’s like to work with the company and what results you can expect.

Don’t forget social media. Facebook and Instagram are both great places to see what a company does day-to-day, their scope of work, and designs from construction to completion. A landscape contractor who engages with their clients and community on social media is likely to be readily communicative with you.

3) Knowledgeable Landscape Crews

Any landscape contractor you hire will have a crew of people to meet your needs. It is important that those people are competent, courteous, and well trained.

Don’t be afraid to ask your landscape design contractor about their crew. Look up some questions to ask a landscape contractor and see how they answer. Ask what sort of training they receive. Find out how much the crews know about industry best practices. The answers to these general questions to ask a landscape contractor will show how committed they are to quality, consistency, and safety.

4) Personalized Attention

No matter how large or small your outdoor landscaping job is, you’ll want to have a consistent point person you can reach out to if you have questions or problems. Ask your landscape contractor or designer if there is a dedicated liaison or foreperson that you’ll be able to speak to about the individual needs of your property.

A contractor who takes this step in offering personalized customer service, shows that they genuinely care about their client’s needs. A specific point person can help you feel more comfortable with your landscape contractor and ensure your needs are met without going through several different channels. 

5) Earth-Friendly Options

The lawn and plant care industry is changing. Many landscape contractors are seeing the benefits of modern organic, pesticide-free maintenance. Organic lawns are good for the environment and they can benefit you as well. They require less water, less frequent mowing, and are safer for children and pets.

Experienced Commercial & Residential Landscape Contractors

Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship when you’re trying to find a landscape contractor. Make sure you take the time to do a little research and be sure you are choosing someone who makes you feel comfortable. Use these tips to find a high-quality, reliable landscape contractor that you’ll feel comfortable doing business with.
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