How to Choose a Landscape Company for an HOA

One of a Homeowners Association’s (HOA) major responsibilities is to oversee the maintenance and upkeep of all common areas. For HOAs, there is no passing the buck; responsibility for decisions starts and ends with the HOA.

Hiring the right landscape company can be a daunting task. But if you and your fellow board members know how to choose a landscape company for an HOA, your homeowners will sing your praises as they enjoy the community property and gardens year-round.

Experience is the Key

There are lots of things that can go wrong during small property landscaping maintenance jobs.  Imagine the problems that can occur in an entire condo or townhouse community!

  • Trees die from improper care, neglect, or pests
  • Grass is cut too short and dies or becomes weed infested
  • Local wildlife destroys new plantings

Some maintenance problems are unavoidable. Mother Nature often has her own plans. But other problems are easily avoided when a landscape company has an abundance of experience to draw from.

You want to hire a company that is experienced working in your region and has maintained large communities like yours.

Ask the landscape company to show you a portfolio of similar jobs so you can hire with confidence.

Landscape companies should also offer many glowing HOA references. Don’t be shy about asking for them—and be sure to do your follow-up work.

This is not the time to give a break to an unproven but promising landscaper. Too many people are depending on the HOA to make the best decision; the stakes are high.

You need an experienced landscape maintenance company that is recognized as being outstanding in property care. The company should have excellent references and online reviews.

You want your landscape maintenance company to:

  • Stand behind its work
  • Have a vision for your community
  • Have a long-term approach toward maintenance and future enhancements
  • Have a proven record of excellence and reliability in the HOA landscape business
  • Have received awards in the field
  • Provide quality service
  • Do its best to keep costs reasonable

Finally, you want the landscape company to provide ongoing training for its workers, so they will take advantage of newer trends and best practices.

A townhouse community with walking path along the Hudson River

Make Sure Licenses and Certifications are Up to Date

It’s important that the landscape company has up to date licenses and certifications. The landscape company can provide the information to you, or you can check it out with your local municipality.

Landscapers need to have proper insurance, as well.

If this is overlooked, liability issues can arise if a worker is injured on your property.

If paperwork isn’t in order, consider it a red flag about the quality of service you can expect.

Keep Your Community Comfortable and Safe

Your community may be large or small. But in either case, residents always want to know that workers and vehicles they see on the grounds are authorized to be there.

Make sure that the landscaping company has trucks with the company logo and telephone number in clear view.  At all times, workers should wear company uniforms.

This makes homeowners feel safer and more comfortable.

Snow removal equipment clearing a snow-covered parking lot

One-Stop Shopping Is the Best

It’s always good practice to hire a landscape business that offers an array of services. It will keep the HOA’s job easier as it will mean fewer contracts to review and fewer management people to deal with. A stronger business bond will develop between the HOA and the landscape company.

Here in the northeast, it’s important that your landscape company also offers snow removal as part of their maintenance package.

Not only will you receive priority snow removal services, but you can be more at ease knowing that your landscape company doesn’t shut down for the winter.

You know an HOA can encounter pressing property issues any day of the year. It’s important to know that your landscape maintenance company will be there when you need them.

Select a Company That Treats Your Community with Respect

A good landscape company responds to your community’s needs and treats the HOA with the respect you deserve.

A reputation for outstanding customer service is a must.

Make sure the landscape company wants to work with you to meet your community’s needs and does not expect you to fit into their rigid programs. Each community is different, and you need a company that wants to embrace these differences.

They should treat your HOA like a valued client. Calls should always be promptly returned.

The entranceway to the property of the Vail Mansion in Morristown NJ

Sponzilli Is a Leader with HOAs

Sponzilli Landscape Group Inc. is a preferred landscape maintenance company for Homeowners Associations and community managers in Northern New Jersey and New York City.

We offer a full range of HOA landscape maintenance services that include:

  • Complete outdoor care
  • Lawn and turf care
  • Seasonal plantings and rotation
  • Changes and enhancements to existing landscaping
  • Snow management
  • Rooftop landscaping installation and maintenance
  • And many other services

Some of our HOA landscape maintenance clients include:

Contact us at Sponzilli Landscape Group so we can talk about a complete and forward-looking landscape maintenance plan for your community.

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