Landscaping: Expectations vs. Reality

At Sponzilli Landscape Group, our team works with homeowners to make sure they understand how their landscaping design expectations are shaped by a number of factors. The property’s orientation to the sun, the home’s ground slope and drainage patterns, the local climate, the home’s soil conditions, how many shade trees are present on-site and even the style of home’s architecture will all play a role in achieving your dream landscape. There are so many factors that go into creating a beautiful landscape that will last for years to come, so it’s important to work with an expert. 

If you have questions like, “what is a landscaping job like?” and “what should I expect from a landscape designer?”, this blog will be your saving grace! Here are some realities that can help homeowners with great expectations but think their home’s layout, soil conditions, budget limitations or time and maintenance requirements don’t match reality.

Expectation: A small yard means no landscaping.

Reality: You can do a lot in a small space! There is no landscape too small for the experts at Sponzilli. It is important to understand that there are instances that the size of the property will limit design elements. We will work with homeowners to understand their individual design vision to create a plan based on their specific yard size. We take the time to learn what the homeowner hopes to gain from their outdoor green spaces, including:

  • increase the home’s property value
  • boost the home’s curb appeal
  • areas for play and entertainment
  • water features or natural landscapes
  • outdoor relaxation and seating
  • flower or vegetable gardening
  • deterring wildlife 
  • a low maintenance landscape
  • increased privacy and child safety

Expectation: An organic landscape is high maintenance.

Reality: A natural or organic landscape comes in many shapes and sizes. Your landscape may feature plants and ground cover that is indigenous to your geographic location. Trees, wildflowers, stones, shrubs, native plants and tall grasses are commonly used. You will have reduced maintenance in the form of watering, grass cutting and fertilizing. However, you must pay attention to invasive species that can destroy a natural landscape. Trusting the professional to use organic landscaping means it’s no maintenance for you! You simply get to enjoy your beautiful space.

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Expectation: A Landscaping Designer isn’t necessary.

Reality: A landscape designer can guide homeowners in creating multiple types of landscaping, either a formal landscape with a clear geometric structure or an informal landscape that is free-flowing and organic. If you have budget limitations, your landscape designer will offer alternative design concepts that are economical and low maintenance. You should expect to see an original layout of how your front yard and backyard will look including the placement of shrubs and trees, perennials, grassy areas and hard surfaces. When you work with an expert landscape designer, your property will be 100% unique. 

Expectation: I have to wait until spring for new landscaping.

Reality: While this is something most people think is true about landscaping, it isn’t true. Doing phased projects during all seasons is a great way to accomplish the expectations for your landscape. Summer landscaping projects provide a good opportunity to install water features, modify drainage patterns, create a patio and walkways, or install a retaining wall. Fall is a second planting season, and you can expect your landscaper to plant perennial bulbs, prune trees and shrubs, and aerate and fertilize your lawn so the roots will flourish during the winter months.

What is a landscaping job like , what should I expect from a landscape designer , types of landscaping , great expectations , maintenance , front yard , backyard

Expectation: Landscaping is quick and easy.

Reality: A landscaping job requires expert knowledge of drainage, soils, botany and climate. The landscape designer considers all these factors when laying out a new residential landscape that will thrive in weather patterns common to New York and New Jersey. You want to work with a company that can give you what you want, for the right price. There is also the less practical and more creative side of landscaping — you want a unique green space that fits your lifestyle and your home’s personality or architecture.

Sponzilli Exceeds Your Great Expectations

No matter what your homeowner needs are – landscape design, landscape maintenance, hardscaping, lighting, outdoor living spaces, pools, or water features, the Sponzilli Landscape Group can bring your great expectations to life. We specialize in all types of landscaping including organic landscapes, formal gardens, outdoor living spaces and informal green spaces that resemble natural landscapes.

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