Outdoor Kitchen Designs

There is something about cooking over an open flame that brings food to a whole new level and experience. Whether you are throwing a party or just making dinner, the outdoor grill is a great place to prepare meals for you and your guests.

Recently, more and more people are opting to design their landscapes with a culinary flare as the key element. Among the most popular items are built-in grills with searing capabilities, stovetop-style side burners, griddles, sinks, refrigerators, granite counter space for prep work, and bar-height counters for seating. An outdoor kitchen can incorporate items that are similar to your interior kitchen space, such as a sink or refrigerator, and it can utilize equipment that is unique to outdoor living.

Properly planning the design and layout of your outdoor kitchen is essential to making the space work for you and your home. During the planning process, speak with your landscape architect about positioning your outdoor kitchen so that it incorporates easy access to your house and interior kitchen door. That way when you forget the salt, pepper or barbeque tongs, running to grab the item is not a marathon trek during which you burn the burgers.

Another design idea to consider in your backyard is flow. Being able to properly place a grill, refrigerator, sink, fire pit and seating for the whole family can be difficult and overwhelming. Remember to think about the scape of your yard, layout of your home and barriers to privacy you might face. Choose a central point, such as the grill or fireplace, and build design concepts that develop your main focus. Incorporate items into your design that will accommodate your guests and create the relaxing ambiance that you desire. Add a pergola or pavilion to shade your backyard’s top chef and avid foodies or create an engaging experience with a visual and sound home entertainment system.

Creating the perfect outdoor kitchen can be difficult and extremely complex. Having a licensed landscape architect design and implement the project will ensure that the proper services such as plumbing, electricity, and gas supply are actualized throughout your space. A professional landscape architect will know how to attain appropriate local permits and inspections; they will have the knowledge of how to keep your home in compliance with township and city ordinances.

Let your imagination run wild and design the outdoor kitchen you have been dreaming about! For more information or to view a portfolio of examples of outdoor kitchens.