The Residence at Vail Mansion

Sponzilli Landscape Group recently completed work for The Residence at Vail Mansion, located in Morristown, NJ, which boasts “a fairy-tale lifestyle available to a select few”.

The Vail Mansion, built over a century ago, was commissioned with the idea of creating an Italian Renaissance palazzo that would be both home and museum for Theodore Vail, President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Vail, who was also chief architect of Bell Systems, did not end up living in his opulently designed home; instead the mansion became the municipal office of the Township of Morristown in 1922.

Today, this historic landscape continues to act as a sanctuary for the elite by offering pristine grounds and sought after amenities in the heart of a thriving town.

Sponzilli Landscape group kept with Vail Mansion’s classic symmetrical look by adding vivid greens to walkways and open areas.

They continued the property’s clean lines in the pond area by selecting plants that will mature into the column and globular shapes reminiscent of the Renaissance time period.

A mix of greens, flowers and trees, at varying heights, gives the garden a full, lush and brimming charm.

Appealing bright pops of colorful flowers were placed into Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen, niche and courtyard areas throughout the property

Vail Mansion’s picturesque feel is amplified by Sponzilli’s introduction of stately vegetation throughout. Each undulation of the deep green grass that surrounds the property is an extension of the classic beauty and appeal of the historic architecture and landscape.

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