Wildlife Resistant Plants and Landscaping

A beautiful lawn improves your home’s curb appeal and your quality of life. Landscaping that includes your favorite flowers and trees will lift your spirits. It personalizes your yard, and by extension, your home, to your personality and unique tastes. The challenge, however, is to include both those plants that bring you joy and that animals will not eat. Taking the right steps in your landscaping will ensure you have a garden that will please you for many years.

Planning Is Key

Proper planning is the key to having a yard that you love, but that will be pest resistant. For example, you may love the look of white hydrangeas. Unfortunately, deer love them, too. One or two deer can destroy a whole garden full of white hydrangeas. Yet, the proper landscape strategy can find ways for the white hydrangeas to survive and thrive in your garden.

First, a landscaper would avoid putting the hydrangeas and other deer friendly plants out in the open areas of your lawn, such as the space leading up to the front door. Instead, the deer friendly flowers you love can be enclosed between fences or behind walls or shrubs that prevent the deer from having easy access. Raising flowers and plants in containers on balconies or in hanging pots also keeps them out of reach of many wildlife. A professional can help plan your landscaping to include the plants you love in ways that allow them the best chance of survival.

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Deer Resistant Plants

Your landscaping might also include some deer-resistant plants to add character and depth to your garden, as deer are very common in the tri-state area. These include many shrubs, such as boxwood, and trees, like juniper. These wildlife resistant plants can be used to form a protective border around deer friendly plants. Several lovely perennials and annuals also are deer resistant. They can be put out in open areas to add color and variety to the garden without attracting unwanted attention from wildlife. Certain aromatic herbs emit scents that deer dislike; locating them in strategic areas of your garden can be a deterrent. A landscape architect can suggest deer-resistant plants and herbs based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Pest Resistant Products

A number of products exist that deter deer and other wildlife from eating your plants. Many are organic and otherwise environmentally friendly. Also, many companies are experts at being able to sustain your landscape despite the presence of local wildlife.

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  • Wildlife, especially deer, can wreak havoc in a garden, eating many of your favorite plants.
  • Many beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees are deer resistant. They can add beauty and variety to your lawn without adding unwanted wildlife.
  • Organic pest-resistant products, if used consistently, help deter wildlife from eating the plants.
  • A good landscaper can help develop a plan for your lawn that includes deer-resistant plants that add depth to your garden as well as the deer friendly plants that you love. The key is in developing strategies to discourage or prevent the deer from gaining access to those plants they would eat.

Sponzilli Landscape Group works with you to plan your lawn and gardens so that you avoid losing your plants to wildlife. We can help choose the best wildlife-resistant plants for your tastes and lifestyle and can develop and execute a plan to protect those plants that are not wildlife resistant. We have partners who are experts at sustaining your landscape despite the presence of deer in the area. Contact us to start planning your dream landscape today!

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