Landscaping for a New Home

Landscaping for a new home means getting to start with a blank canvas. There won’t be the typical mature trees, established gardens, and hardscaped areas. Instead, there is an opportunity for a landscape design and build that will enhance the architectural elements of your home. Landscaping for a new home should provide space that suits your lifestyle and the projected evolution of your property. 

Planning a New Home Landscape

A new home landscape may be a blank slate, but it will still have its own set of unique and established variables. The soil, where the light shines and drainage are all aspects that will need to be considered during design.


Your desired use for your new property is important. Are you going to be entertaining guests in your outdoor kitchen and dining area? Do you want large grassy areas for recreation?

How you plan to use your landscape will help a designer to correctly place outdoor living areas. From patios and seating areas to firepits and water features, every detail of your new landscape should be customized for you.   


A simple soil test is advised to ensure the right pH balance and nutrients for proper plant and grass growth. Utilize organic products to balance your soil. Fertilizing and improving the soil without using harsh chemicals will create a lush lawn while providing a healthy peace of mind.   

Water Management

Drainage can be evaluated by looking for low spots and slopes that will collect or direct water. Various methods of water management can be used to force water away from your home. It can also be collected to help water sunny areas that may get dried out.   


How you plan to use your space will indicate where patios and outdoor living areas should go. It will also help to determine your choice in plant life. This is especially important for grassy areas.

Low-traffic grasses will not hold up to pets and children. Use native plants in your landscape design that suit your household, maintenance regime, and aesthetic. 

Landscape Design that Adds Value

The design you choose when landscaping for a new home will affect both your day-to-day and your property value. Use elements in your design that suit how you plan to use your space and materials that will last.

Landscape Must-Haves

The following are elements that will need immediate attention in your landscape design. Whether they are an absolute necessity to any property, or they will be harder to install down-the-road, consider these aspects first:

  • Driveway Layout
  • Pathways to and from Egress Points
  • Drainage
  • Patio, Pool, and Spa
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Fencing and Gates

Landscape Add-Ons

After deciding on the key components in your new home’s landscape, think about what will make it stand apart. Accentuate your home’s architecture, create a secret garden, or indulge in an outdoor shower. Some trending landscape design ideas include: 

  • Ponds and Water Features  
  • Fire Pits/Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Retainer Wall Seating
  • Play Areas with Trampolines, Swings, and Treehouse Lighting
  • Sports Areas: Basketball Court, Horseshoe Pit, Tennis Court, or Putting Green 
  • Mailbox and Front Gate  

Choosing A Landscape Designer

A qualified landscape designer will guide you through the process to make your property flourish. They will help you make decisions on how to best utilize your space, from landscaping that provides energy efficiency to entertainment areas that will wow. A thoughtful designer will up your curb appeal while increasing your property value.

Find a landscape company that communicates with you well and request a design plan. Make sure you are getting what you want out of the design elements and plantings when landscaping for a new home.

For more information about how our team can make your landscape design stand apart, contact us. We will work with you to achieve the look you desire in your new dreamscape.

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