Top Landscape Design Trends for Outdoor Living

An overview of design ideas for patios, lawns, and gardens paints a picture of today’s lifestyle and values. That’s always been the case to a great extent, but never more than now. The top landscape design trends for outdoor living focus on family, entertainment, low-maintenance, and customized construction.    

Our lives are filled with so many responsibilities. This creates a need for our own personal spaces for escape and relaxation. Outdoor living oases have been highly sought after because of this cultural trend. The following are a few themes that are now in demand for many homeowners.  

Low Maintenance Lawns and Gardens

Activities and deadlines fill up our days. Lawns that require extensive mowing and maintenance, don’t necessarily fit into our plans.

More and more, homeowners are looking for landscape design ideas that offer less maintenance. The following are some innovative concepts for making the most of your outdoor space without adding extra upkeep.

Create a Hardscape that Wows

Pave some of your lawn with attractive stonework.

This technique is gaining popularity as a way of lessening the need for mowing. The paved area can be used for seating or alternatively for displays of potted plants or sculpture. We also highly recommend you go green by using permeable pavers. These special pavers maintain the same appeal while reducing erosion on your property.

Go natural with a cottage style garden.

Or, if you live in an area where zoning allows it, make part of your yard a prairie garden. Cottage gardens are naturally thick and lush, offering impressive beauty with less need for weeding and pruning. Wildflowers, heirloom varieties, and most naturally occurring plants like those found in prairie landscapes, offer greater resistance to pests, and better adaptation to varying moisture conditions.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are gaining popularity with home gardeners who wish to save time and energy. The cost of installation will pay off over time with greater yields of produce, or a bigger bounty of beautiful blooms.

Dark Colors on Wood and Fences

Dark colors on woods and fences add a stark contrast to colorful plants and greenery. They also display a less weathered look over time. This means they won’t require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to stand apart. 

Low Voltage Lighting

Utilize low-voltage lighting in your landscape design to save energy, cost, and maintenance.  Low-voltage lights are available in a plethora of bulb options to add just the right ambiance to your space.  

Comfort and Privacy for Your Outdoor Living Space

From backyard studios to a simple hedge of shrubs for privacy, planning for a special hidden spot in your backyard pays off. The available space, as well as your preferences, will determine the type of privacy structures that are best.

For comfort and enjoyment,  some of the design trends for outdoor living include: 

  • Incorporate a pavilion or pergola into your design. Create a space outdoors where you can enjoy time out of the sun or rain. Plant flowering vines for additional privacy.  
  • If you don’t have the space to plant a green privacy screen of trees and shrubs, incorporate a green wall. This is a stand apart feature that will delineate the lines of your outdoor space. 
  • Outdoor furniture has become a staple in most homes, but this year’s trends are about comfort and more time relaxing outside.  Outdoor furniture fabrics have come a long way in the past few years. Many brands that use acrylic fabrics are waterproof and fade resistant. 
  • Stone retaining walls that can double as bench seating are a major plus. Some of the best areas to use this design are near dining areas, firepits, and gardens. 
  • Deep seating with soft cushions around a fire is a comfy classic. Create an outdoor hearth and you will be able to cook on an open flame, keep bugs at bay, and use your space for more of the year.

Smart Homes Make the Best Staycations

Outdoor kitchens and bars, entertainment systems, and firepits are just some of the design elements incorporated into a staycation home. Including smart home technologies can make your experience even more enjoyable.

Create your perfect low maintenance staycation by considering:  

Having an outdoor kitchen, dining area and bar will make your backyard into a destination. Include high-end kitchen appliances, granite counter-tops, and lighting for luxury day and night.  

Customized built-in televisions and surround sound systems that include the entire yard are great for family fun and entertainment. Another hot-ticket item is a projector for backyard movie nights on a big screen! 

Bringing the inside outdoors is a big trend. Outdoor showers and bathtubs are a great example. Outdoor showers offer a “naturalistic luxury” and they are a great way to rinse off after gardening, swimming in the pool, or lying in the sun.  

Applications that govern lighting, pools/spas and security afford control and protection. Homeowners can check security cameras, turn on lights, saunas, or spas with a click.

Extend your Wi-Fi and allow your family and guests to be part of the fun in your outdoor living space even if they feel they must “stay connected”.

Naturescaping and Edible Landscapes

Naturescaping entails selecting and growing native plants to attract indigenous birds, insects, and wildlife. With more people heading outdoors, naturescaping allows homeowners to develop their own environmentally conscious landscape.

Every year the word “fresh” gains more importance so edible gardens are taking off. Nothing is fresher than picking your own fruits and vegetables from right outside your door. A small investment of work will soon grow into a plentiful source of wholesome food for family and friends.

If you haven’t had a garden before or if you are short on time, use containers to start your own edible garden. Become a pro at growing your own food on a smaller scale before taking it up a notch.

Blend trending designs with classics for the best look. Incorporate features that work best with your lifestyle and amount of free time. Customize your landscape design to stand apart

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