Top Benefits of Pathway and Driveway Lighting

In this blog we consider the benefits of pathway and driveway lighting. We discuss how they affect the look of your home, the safety of your property, and how you use your landscape. We also examine some of the best fixtures and lighting techniques. 

Perhaps you’ve considered installing lighting to enhance the drive to the door of your home or business – or the paths that cross your lawn.

Is it really worth the time and expense it takes?

The answer is a definite yes.

Here are three perks that highlight the reasons you’ll be glad you installed pathway and driveway lighting at your home or place of business. 


Coming home at night should be a welcoming experience. Natural and architectural features take on a different type of dramatic beauty when the sun disappears.

Showcasing the best features of your home with lighting enhances its architectural design and value.

What creates more curb appeal at night than bollards illuminating a light pattern along your driveway?

What could be prettier than paths with subtle illumination to make you want to wander?

Few features make a home or business feel upscale like driveway and pathway lighting.


Guests that come to your home, or patrons of your business, should find it easy to navigate the way to your door.

Wandering your garden area in the evening offers a pleasurable experience when the way is lit. But the risk of injury is great if paths aren’t marked.

In addition to safety, outdoor lighting affords your property security.

Landscape-Lighting, backyard with landscape lighting and plants

Extended Time Outdoors

The best landscape designs extend your home outside. They increase your usable space for outdoor entertaining and relaxing.

Incorporating lighting into your design will make your outdoor space useable at any time of day. You shouldn’t have to come in when the sun goes down.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and Effects

There are many varieties of landscape lighting. But all of them add value to your home by providing style and safe access 24/7.

Low voltage and LED landscape lighting will save money while making your yard a warm and inviting place.

Four common types of outdoor lighting include path lights, uplighting, downlighting, and bollards.

Path lights feature canopies atop of poles. They direct light downward upon a path and help keep it out of your eyes.

Uplighting is when lights are fixed at ground level and shine light upward. There are a few fixture styles that can achieve this look. However, the ones used most often are spotlights.

Downlighting is when lights are mounted overhead and directionally focused down. These fixtures can be affixed to your home or trees.

One type of downlighting that is gaining popularity because of its beauty is moonlighting.

Moonlighting is a specialized technique of placing lights in strategic spots to create the subtle effect of the moon.

This type of lighting is one of the more difficult techniques to achieve due to its desired natural feel.

bollard-lighting-fixture, diamond pattern bollard light along pathway

Bollards are considered by many to be the superior choice of lighting residential and commercial properties.

These lights have a 360-degree scope which illuminates not only paths but garden beds and other features of the landscape.

They are a functional and highly attractive modern choice for either pathway or driveway lighting. They offer depth to any design with the shadow patterns they create.

Bollards come in all different sizes and patterns. They can be custom designed to match the decor of your home or office building.

Some of the most popular bollard designs are diamond, ivy, and Celtic.

Decorative fixtures that fit your home's façade…

Part of the fun of installing landscape lighting is the fact that you can choose a style that enhances your home or place of business.

Today’s lighting options have gone beyond practical and invasive, to decorative and tasteful. There are types available to suit the overall aesthetic of any home or business design.

You can even add more ambience to your landscape with water lighting.

Lightin-Technician, lighting technician installing outdoor lighting

Service you can rely on for installation and maintenance…

At Sponzilli Landscape Group, we pride ourselves on providing superior quality and service. We support your choice of outdoor lighting not only at installation but also with maintenance.

Our select maintenance program includes visiting your property to adjust timers, replace burnt out bulbs, clean lenses, and move any shifted fixtures.

A warranty for peace of mind…

We stand behind the lighting we install. All lighting products we offer and recommend are warranted for life. Labor and bulbs are guaranteed for one year following the installation date.

For more information about pathway or driveway lighting, contact us. With over 50 years of experience, our team can help you illuminate your landscape with beauty.

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